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Our company offers luxury yacht chartering services at hundreds of locations around the world, we aspire to meet your every need

Our Events

Let us take care of all the little details that make your event at sea unforgettable!

Whether it’s your anniversary, Corporate get - together or any social event or Birthday Parties you are about to celebrate with a party of 50 to 200 (and even more) guests: your choice should be an exclusively chartered cruise ship with Sea Hawk Yachts - Dubai, Not only because you will be savoring the most memorable moments together in an exceptional ambience. But also because with Sea-Hawks Ocean Event you have found a partner who is able to exceed your expectations. We are Dubai’s leading charter company for maritime festivities. Beyond providing yachts and cruise ships of any sizes, we combine nautical expertise with professional event management. Choose the best Event Yacht Rentals Dubai and Make your events unforgettable with the beautiful view of Dubai seaside.

Our Yachts and Packages

Choose from a wide selection of boats ranging from luxury motor yachts to classic sailing yachts, we have every type of boat available to meet your needs. We also take custom orders and will help you acquire a specific yacht.

About Us

We the company don’t dream for what could be possible, we like to do what seems impossible and in order to achieve this common goal we are here to offer luxury collections of yachts with our team who are down to earth mentality with high level expertise to drive and exceed the expectations of our clients requirements and make your trip here in Dubai one the lasting memories ….

Water Sports Activities

Jet Ski

Jet ski around Dubai’s waterfront and enjoy views of the city’s main attractions from a unique viewpoint.

Fly Boards

Dubai is being surrounded by vast oceans from all sides, is one of the best and preferred location for...

Banana Boat

The banana boat ride is a recreational activity that you can enjoy with your family and friends..

Donut Ride

The donut like shape of Boat here can be played by 2 people and it depends on the speed....

Why Choose us ?

At sea Hawk Yachts, we provide yacht to people who would like to go beyond their dreams, we have ground breaking yachts in Dubai Marina where we set new boundaries in your luxuries events. We have yachts exclusively perfect fit for your requirements such as pleasure trips, party, sea-adventurous and yachts events in Dubai.

Thinking of renting a yacht in Dubai With the summer season in full swing, a lot of people are turning to water-based activities in Dubai to beat the heat. While most people in the city head to indoor venues to chill out, that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer the outdoors and still want to enjoy the sea in this weather, you could rent a private yacht to cruise the Gulf. To make this process easier for you, we sea hawk team here for you to offer luxurious collections of yachts ...

Luxury Cabins

Introducing brand new luxury cabins!

That's you, your best mate and a wonderfully air conditioned Catamaran Cabin – commonly known in the yachts industry as ‘heaven-on-sea’.

Get the party going with your very own on board speakers so you can sail to the sounds of your favourite summer tunes. There are multiple cabins on the yachts so you will be paired with other cabins.

Giving you the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from all around the globe - so if you ever go travelling you'll always have a place to stay somewhere and chill on board .

Professional Crew

Yacht crews needs lots of experience and professionalism, especially for luxury yachts. The experience and skillfulness of the crewmembers differ from one yacht to another. The captain is the sole authority on board a yacht .

We consider that a professional yacht crew is as much important as the yacht itself since the quality of the service on board is crucial in the success of a charter. Well trained and quality crew can make a huge difference between a perfect joyful yacht charter holiday forever ...

Collections of Yachts

Since the decades we have been offering a wide range of services in yacht rentals. All our yachts are equipped to the highest standard and are suitable for a family vacation with children or for a comfortable voyage along the coast of the Arabian gulf as well as for any type of fishing or aquatics.

At Sea Hawk Yachts our specialists are always ready to offer you a yacht of your preferred class, select an ideal cruise route or a great recreational spot for you, and provide you with all the details you want to know regarding your upcoming charter....

Dubai Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing, also sometimes called offshore fishing, is a type of fishing that is done on waters that are at least 30 feet deep. Deep sea fishing allows anglers to reel in bigger fish, like tuna, swordfish, or even sharks, in addition to other large fish that are not found in shallow waters.

We begin our journey from Dubai Marina towards Jebel-Ali port side for 20 miles deep destination.

Before heading out on a deep sea fishing adventure, it is important to understand some of the best practices and what is needed in order to enjoy a successful fishing trip. Understanding depth contours and best safety practices can mean the difference between a big catch and a bust. It’s highly recommended for deep sea at least min 4 hours booking

Dubai’s leading yacht charter company. The only charter company to provide the all type of rental Boat, Yacht and charter in Dubai, Marina.

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Amazing experience with sea - Hawk Yachts team . Well arranged boats and amenities with experienced staffs . Bucket full of fishes and perfect destination for fishing they took us and overall memorable experience. Thank you Sea Hawk Team


Great experience with Sea Hawk Yachts. It was my 2nd time Fishing trip with this team and the crew was really awesome they had arranged all of the things perfectly. Great service


One Of best yacht in Marina A speedy cruise boat, best for fishing. The trip was awesome and we enjoyed with our childrens. Sea Hawk Yachts has a great team. 5 Star overall for service


One of the best fishing adventures with sea hawk yachts -Dubai


Powerful Boat with good speed. and good service by Sea Hawk Yachts -Dubai