About us

We the company don’t dream for what could be possible, we like to do what seems impossible and in order to achieve this common goal we are here to offer luxury collections of yachts with our team who are down to earth mentality with high level expertise to drive and exceed the expectations of our clients requirements and make your trip here in Dubai one the lasting memories ….

Our Mission

At sea Hawk Yachts, we provide yacht to people who would like to go beyond their dreams, we have ground breaking yachts in Dubai Marina where we set new boundaries in your luxuries events. We have yachts exclusively perfect fit for your requirements such as pleasure trips, party, sea-adventurous and yachts events in Dubai.

Our Story

Sea Hawk Yacht Rental in Dubai is the leading award winning yachts rental company with its iconic proven customer satisfaction results for the last 9 years in the industry and we will do it continue to reach the extra mile …