Birthday Celebrations

Birthday parties In Yachts

Celebrating one’s birthday can be challenging. First of all, finding the perfect location for as many guests as you wish to receive. And then it needs a keen sense to throw a good party. If you have a private atmosphere in mind, a yacht could be the right venue. However, they are limited to a certain number of guests. Sea Hawk Yachts Event is offering yachts that are certified as cruise ships.

Your advantage

We can accommodate far more than just even 10 passengers to 200 . We also supply small to medium sized cruise ships. Even with a hundred guests or more on board, you will still experience true „yacht feeling“.

Let us know your wishes!

We provide you with the perfect ship. Plus we are professionals in organizing legendary birthday events.

So don’t take much worries in this busy schedule call or text our help desk at anytime and book your event accordingly the way you wanted to be celebrated in yachts in Dubai Marina ...