Yacht Weddings

The Perfect ambience for a perfect wedding say »Yes»in the most romantic way...

One of the most exciting things in life is to get married. That’s why nearly every couple wishes their wedding to become a day to remember. Sea Hawk Yacht Events Team can help you make your dream come true. Onboard your exclusively chartered cruise ship and regardless of whether you fancy it yacht style or nostalgic, in the Arabian region .

We are masters in implementing cruises that are perfectly tailored in terms of the routing, wedding ceremonies, gala dining and spectacular festivities. Let us create unforgettable moments of your wedding event at sea! Let us help to arrange your proposal and wedding reception on our boats to make your day memorable for everyone.

Can you imagine yourself holding a bunch of flowers standing at the bow while we slowly drive into the pier to welcome your another half on your proposal day? Can you imagine how shocked but happy he/she will be when seeing you welcoming him/her on board?

You can also arrange your wedding reception on our boats, turning it into a fun boat trip or a elegant cocktail party. We can help decorating the boat in any style you want to make the boat unique for you and your partner.

Private romantic dinner for the two of you or with your close ones can be arranged on our signature yachts after the proposal. We would love to see lots of love, laughter and happy tears on our boats! Plan you special day with us now! Check out photos of our previous events below.